Cops: Deer Park Man Fired Gun at Homes, Cars

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 25-year-old Deer Park man was arrested for firing a handgun at several homes and vehicles in his hometown earlier this month, Suffolk County police said. Cameron Cincotta was charged with three counts of criminal mischief and three counts of reckless endangerment. Police have accused Cincotta of firing a .45-caliber handgun at two homes on Fairview Avenue and one on Oakland Avenue on March 19. All three homes were occupied at the time of the shootings, police said. On the same day, Cincotta allegedly fired at parked vehicles on Fairview Avenue, West 20th Street and West 16th Street, police said.The gun used in the alleged shootings was recovered, police said.last_img read more

U.S. Open 2019: 5 winners and losers from Pebble Beach

first_imgPEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — Gary Woodland earned his first major championship Sunday, but he wasn’t the only one at Pebble Beach who won.The unbeatable views, the course setup and, oh, a few other golfers had an unforgettable week at the 119th U.S. Open. However, it wasn’t all good, all the time. There’s never a bad view at Pebble Beach. Even though conditions worsened and the sun made just a few appearances later in the tournament, nearly every hole at the course provided some type of view. The more inland holes had trees lining the fairways and some of the most extravagant houses you could see on a golf course.As the links style course wrapped around the property, the closer to the water, the prettier it was. Nearly every golfer echoed the same message throughout the weekend, saying Pebble was their favorite.It was hard to argue that.In fact, players were so taken aback by the views they stopped mid-play during the practice rounds Monday through Wednesday to take selfies and enjoy the scenery.”Tuesday was the day that you were out there just really looking and taking it all in, especially the way the weather was on Tuesday,” said Louis Oosthuizen, who finished tied for seventh (6 under). “But it still stays a spectacular place. And it probably is my favorite U.S. Open venue.”Thanks for the views, Pebble Beach. 😍— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) June 17, 2019Winner: The USGAThe USGA has taken a lot of criticism in the past. Golfers, commentators and even spectators would hound the organization for how unplayable, unwalkable and even unfair courses were. This time, however, it was different.The association received nothing but praise from golfers, and the scores even had some wondering if it was too easy. But as the course began to show its teeth, players remained more than pleased with the setup.”It’s a 10, 10 out of 10. I mean, the USGA couldn’t have done any more or less,” said Chesson Hadley, who was playing in his first weekend at a U.S. Open. “At the end of the day, I feel like anybody can play well here, a long hitter, a short hitter. Even if it was harder, I think Gary would probably still have been leading and all the people that would have been there would still be there. I don’t think that would have changed much.”But I think the USGA has just knocked it out of the park. I mean, it’s Pebble Beach. This place is just a miracle, and I love it.”Mickelson, one of the vocal critics in the past of U.S. Open venues and setups, also praised the association this week.”I’ve got to hand it to the USGA for doing a great setup,” he said. “It’s the best I’ve ever seen and it’s identifying the best players. It’s making the players the story.”Winner: Some not-so-notable namesThere are names everyone recognizes and then there are golfers on the rise and ones who weren’t even supposed to be playing at this level. Brandon Wu and John Sawin check the last two boxes.Wu, a now-Stanford alumnus, missed his college graduation Sunday. Instead, he was playing the final round of the U.S. Open with Dustin Johnson. It seemed like a fair tradeoff. Wu had been to Pebble Beach the last time the American championship was played their, except he had a different view.”I came out here, me and my dad sat on that grandstand on No. 7 and watched everyone come through and struggle on that hole a little bit,” Wu said. “So it’s honestly just been real fun getting to play and experience that for myself.”Wu finished tied for 35th place (1 over) and behind the low amateur Viktor Hovland, who placed 12th (4 under).After missing his graduation from Stanford to play in the final round of the U.S. Open, Brandon Wu received his diploma after walking off the 18th green at Pebble Beach. 🎓— Golf Digest (@GolfDigest) June 17, 2019John Sawin also knows Pebble well but for a different reason. He’s the director of golf at Pebble Beach, but over the weekend he got front-row seats to the action. Since there were an odd number of golfers to make the cut, the USGA needed a marker — someone to play with the last golfer in order to keep the pace and his score. Sawin was selected … finally. Earlier in the month, he advanced through local qualifying and played in the SoCal sectional qualifier where he finished eight strokes off the score he needed to earn a spot in the field at Pebble Beach.”I don’t know how many people have missed the cut at sectional but played the weekend at the Open,” he said Saturday. “That’s a pretty cool distinction.”Loser: Phil Mickelson … from a Grand Slam perspectiveIt’s hard to have a bad week with an attitude like this. After Mickelson’s third round Saturday, he expressed nothing but gratitude over having a long, illustrious career that still seems far from over.”I think that we, as players, need to look back kind of on our career and on our life with a lot of gratitude for the fact that we get to do this for a living,” he said. “And when I’m here at Pebble Beach, there’s no place that I am more grateful for the life that I’ve been able to lead and my career and my family and so forth.”However, until Mickelson, who turned 49 on Sunday, can complete his career Grand Slam, it seems as though the U.S. Open — wherever it is played — will keep him in this category.He has had success at Pebble Beach, where he won five of his regular-tour titles, most recently in February at the AT&T Pro-Am. But the national championship continues to have his number.Mickelson finished tied for 52nd place (4 over).”Dealing with losing in this game is a huge thing because even the best, the greatest winners win such a small percentage of the time,” he said. “But I have had so many special moments here at Pebble Beach that I can’t help but play here and not be thankful and appreciative and grateful for all the gifts that I’ve been given and to be able to play and compete in this event.”This was my first event as a pro, 1992, here. Even though I didn’t play my best this week it is a special place and so fun to be a part of it.”Loser: The weatherIf you had planned your wardrobe based on the first couple of practice rounds, you would have been in for a rude awakening. As the tournament progressed, and the golfers played well into the evening, it got colder, breezier and mist came and went. The players, and spectators felt it, most notably a 43-year-old Tiger Woods. In a career riddled with injury, the 15-time major champion finds solace in sunny Jupiter Island, Florida. The warm weather helps Woods, the cold has an opposite affect. He admitted he felt every swing, for better or worse, over the weekend.”When it’s cold like this everything is achy,” Woods said. “It’s just part of the deal.” Some stories remain unfinished, like when (increasingly if?) Phil Mickelson will complete golf’s career Grand Slam and whether Tiger Woods is really back.Winners and losers from the 119th U.S. Open at Pebble Beach:Winner: These views Related News He added: “The forces have to go somewhere. And if they’re not in the lower back, they’re in the neck, and if not, they’re in the mid-back and if not they go to the knee. You name it.”Despite falling into a tie for 21st place (2 under), Woods still brought in crowds six and seven rows deep. Fans wrapped in blankets stood up from their chairs lining the 18th green to give him an ovation Sunday. This week he’ll settle back in the hot, humid corner of the country and prepare for his next major, the British Open next month. U.S. Open 2019: Tiger Woods explains how he turned his ’round around’ U.S. Open 2019: Amateur Viktor Hovland breaks Jack Nicklaus’ record U.S. Open 2019: Gary Woodland calls first major championship win ‘special’last_img read more

Former Mixer employee accuses management of racism, causing top streamers to leave

first_imgMixer Partners, streamers, and community – today, we’ve got some very big news for you.While we’ve decided to close the operations side of Mixer, we’re officially partnering with @FacebookGaming and we’re cordially inviting all of you to join.📰— Mixer (@WatchMixer) June 22, 2020Considering all of the major pieces involved in this story, it doesn’t appear as if Mixer’s demise was a result of Milan Lee’s experience with his manager. Instead, Mixer released a statement explaining why it decided to shut down.”Ultimately, the success of Partners and streamers on Mixer is dependent on our ability to scale the platform for them as quickly and broadly as possible,” the company said in a statement. “It became clear that the time needed to grow our own livestreaming community to scale was out of measure with the vision and experiences that Microsoft and Xbox want to deliver for gamers now, so we’ve decided to close the operations side of Mixer and help the community transition to a new platform. “ORIGINAL STORY:Former Mixer employee Milan Lee shared a story Sunday about his time working at the company, saying, “this experience was the worst I’ve ever had professionally and it’s all due to racism.”Lee worked at the streaming platform owned by Microsoft starting in 2018. In his story, he shared several instances when the color of his skin became a factor in his work environment.”I was one of the only black people working at Mixer during my tenure,” Lee wrote. “While at a conference I was pulled aside and told that the only reason I was hired is because I am ‘street smart.’ The first thing that popped into my head at the time was affirmative action. I believed I was only hired to meet a diversity goal because I was black.”Mixer: The Black ExperienceRead:— Milly 🌩 #BlackLivesMatter (@MilanKLee) June 21, 2020Lee said he was able to brush some things aside, but one incident was too much to ignore. Lee claimed his manager used an inappropriate analogy involving slavery.”Time goes by and we are in an internal meeting discussing projects we wanted to execute,” Lee wrote. “My manager decided to give us an analogy, that analogy was, ‘I’m in between a rock and a hard place. What I mean is all the partners are my slaves, I own their content. I control their success on our platform. For me I am the slave master, I own partners.’ Immediately I got angry, pissed off and honestly I didn’t want to work at Microsoft/Mixer anymore.”Lee said he reported the experience to a “skip level manager,” but no action was taken. Lee said he then brought his comments to HR as well as the legal team to start an investigation. He said the investigation found his manager was not guilty of wrongdoing.”One of the main people calling the shots has zero respect for any partner not their platform,” Lee wrote. “She believes you all are slaves and she owns your future and content. I stood up to her because I refused to let anyone be classified as such and I hope no partners feel bad I did so.” Mixer responded to the allegations in a Twitter response.Our goal is to build a positive, welcoming, and inclusive team and community. To those sharing your stories; it’s unacceptable that we did not provide that for you. We’ll be vigilant in addressing this more diligently in the future.Thank you, Milan and to the entire community.— Mixer (@WatchMixer) June 22, 2020Following Lee’s story, several other streamers said they would postpone their streams until something was fixed. Mixer’s most recognizable streamers Shroud and Ninja have not yet made official statements on the issue. Ninja’s “about” section on Twitch now includes the game “Valorant,” which was released well after he switched platforms, leading some speculation as to whether he’ll switch back. His Mixer page reads “No stream | Updates soon.”While Ninja and Shroud have remained silent, other streamers on the platform voiced their thoughts.Effective immediately, my Mixer streams are cancelled until further notice. A real change within the company is needed.I won’t stream on a platform who’s leaders or community team makes offensive remarks like this. This is NOT okay. I’m done.Read This. ⬇️— Enola Leone | 🌈 #PrideAlways (@thatenolaleone) June 22, 2020I just ended my stream early and will no longer be streaming on Mixer until this is fixed.I haven’t decided where as this is my main source of income but we might be trying Twitch, Youtube or Facebook in the meantime.I stand with anyone who makes this decision. <3— VideoGameDiva (@VideoGameDiva_) June 22, 2020Reasons I WON'T leave a platform: -People don't think variety can grow thereReasons I WILL leave a platform:-It protects and keeps sexual assailants and harassers partnered-Allows racist management-Silences victims so they won't have bad PRYou have 1 week Mixer. 1 week.— #BLM Lecka 🏳️‍🌈🌈 (@Leckakay) June 22, 2020I stand with my community ✊No more @WatchMixer streams until this is taken care of!This is our home and it has become a not so inclusive place. Mixer is better then what has come out today. I demand action to be taken.— Tonzy (@TonzyMixer) June 22, 2020I give Mixer one week. ONE WEEK! To get the piece of shits partnerships taken away (Cudi, Supa, Hollywood, etc.) and the asshole who thinks its okay to make a disgusting racist comment inside Mixer. If this is not addressed and dealt with, streams will be on twitch. Thank you.— TheDramaQueen (@DQueen226) June 22, 2020I will be spending the night setting up my Twitch stream.I hope to return streaming to Mixer after they have removed the racist manager from staff and made an effort to show actual change. @MilanKLee your story is heard. We love you. You believed in us and took care of us.— B💀NES (@ConcealedBones) June 22, 2020I'm taking a stance.Until @WatchMixer fires the staff that called content creators slaves as well as using the n word freely,Until these nasty partners who harmed women are removed from the platform FULLY...I will not stream on Mixer.Simple.— Candice: Bday June 13th (@MunchkinDoom) June 22, 2020Until action is taken I will stand with my fellow @WatchMixer partners together & streams will be suspendedIts not a one platform issue, its everywhere but Mixer is my house and I will start the fight here to #cleanuptheindustryOur voices will be heard, Im a slave to no one— Tiddus (@Tiddus8) June 22, 2020I stream full time for a living.I will not be streaming on Mixer until something is done about what Milly BRAVELY came forward to us all about.I urge you all to do the same, take a stand, bond together.I LOVE MIXER. IT IS MY HOME! IT IS MY FAMILY!But this, is not okay.— Foxyzilla #cleanuptheindustry (@Foxyzilla) June 22, 2020 UPDATE: Mixer announced Monday it will no longer exist.Microsoft, Mixer's parent company, will partner with Facebook Gaming. last_img read more