Cameroonian journalist held three years must be evacuated RSF says

first_img Organisation News This analysis and recommendation is shared by the American Hospital of Paris, to which a copy of Vamoulké’s medical file was sent for its opinion. In the certificate seen by RSF, professor of neurology Hervé Taillia says Vamoulké presents an “unfavourable clinical condition in both limbs that is acute and progressive.” Noting that the tests and treatment the patient needs would be hard to provide in Cameroon, the professor recommends “hospitalization in France.” to go further May 31, 2021 Find out more Is the Cameroonian judicial system going to allow this 69-year-old journalist to die slowly in Yaoundé’s Kondengui prison despite the unanimous findings of the two medical reports seen by RSF? Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the Cameroonian authorities to release and medevac detained journalist Amadou Vamoulké because his health is worsening dramatically and two medical reports certify that he needs tests that cannot carried out in his country. Help by sharing this information RSF_en The former director-general of state-owned Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), Vamoulké has been held for more than three years on charges of economic crimes that prosecutors have not yet been able to prove to the special criminal court that is trying him. He is due to appear before this court for the 22nd time on 16 September. CameroonAfrica Condemning abuses ImprisonedJudicial harassment The first report, from Yaoundé’s central hospital, recommends “evacuation to a specialized centre because of the “limited technical capacity” at the Yaoundé hospital and “the severity of the neurological condition” afflicting Vamoulké. Cameroon is ranked 131st out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2019 World Press Freedom Index. Receive email alerts Vamoulké was the only African journalist nominated for this year’s RSF Press Freedom Prize. A staunch campaigner for the decriminalization of press offences in Cameroon and for opening up broadcasting to the private sector for the sake of diversity, Vamoulké was the first president of the Union of Cameroonian Journalists. Nine French parliamentarians wrote to President Emmanuel Macron and to the French foreign ministry about the case in February, describing it as a “political detention.” In its reply, the foreign ministry said “the prosecution has not produced evidence of the appropriateness of its case,” and that it would pay close attention to the conclusions of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, to which RSF referred the case in January. In its referral to the UN Working Group, RSF pointed out that the court trying Vamoulké had completely ignored its nine-month legal deadline for concluding the trial. News CameroonAfrica Condemning abuses ImprisonedJudicial harassment News May 19, 2021 Find out more Follow the news on Cameroon News Appointed in 2005 by President Paul Biya to run CRTV, Cameroon’s state TV and radio broadcaster, Vamoulké was arrested in July 2016 and was charged with misusing state funds, not for personal ends but with the sole aim of benefitting CRTV. The prosecution has nonetheless failed to prove this during the 21 hearings so far held in this trial. Case against Amadou Vamoulké baseless, French lawyers tell Cameroon court Cameroonian journalist Paul Chouta sentenced and fined in defamation case L’ex directeur général de la CRTV Amadou Vamoulké. Crédit : CIRLAV RSF addressed an open letter to President Biya in March, urging him to obtain Vamoulké’s release. “Will it take a tragedy to end the ordeal endured by this journalist, whose trial is still not over more than three years after his arrest?” asked Arnaud Froger, the head of RSF’s Africa desk. “The medical reports are unequivocal. Amadou Vamoulké needs medevacking. We call on the Cameroonian authorities not to allow one of their country’s most eminent journalists to die in prison.” Cameroonian reporter jailed since August, abandoned by justice system September 13, 2019 Cameroonian journalist held three years must be evacuated RSF says April 23, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more


first_imgRICK RINEYPERRY TOWNSHIP TRUSTEEMr. David GoffinetLochmueller Group, Inc.Dear Mr. GoffinetI have no doubt you must address financial issues, but hopefully not all at one time.  It is not the fault of the West Side Residents that bus fare has had no increase since 1999.Some of our clients have no choice other than the bus.  This community is made up of a lot of older folks who do rely on bus service as well as those who use it as their only means of transportation.  I just wonder if this survey took them into consideration.  It also says it will affect 15,000 annual riders – how many of them will be out of work without transportation?  Did the survey factor that in; did anyone talk to any of them?Surely there must be a better resolution other than that of totally ignoring a sector of the taxpaying community.???I drove part of the Westside expected routes today.  From Speaker Road (the City limits) to the closest bus stop is 1.1 miles.  From Mudd Center to the nearest bus stop, it is 6-10 blocks.  Howell is at least that.  Surely you do not intend for anyone to have to walk blocks – in any kind of weather, with groceries or children – for the opportunity to work or shop in our City, do you?  I did not drive the Mesker Park route, but I wouldn’t think you would take away service to the Zoo –  would you?  Especially if we are trying to sell our city, do we not need transportation for tourists to our attractions?Unless you rethink this issue, you ARE telling me you want our people to walk 6-8-10 blocks or 1.1 miles, sometimes in the dark, possibly with children or groceries, without “sidewalks” to catch a bus to go to work, a doctor’s appointment or to purchase food.  I have not even mentioned the impact this will have on our handicapped individuals.For the most part, the West Side is pretty content with services provided; however, we do not want to have those we do have reduced.  Half the Westside, that’s been in the city 50 plus years, still is without “SIDEWALKS”The elimination of this route will create an unfair hardship.  Cities change, as do their dynamics, but we cannot ignore the fact the West Side is still a well-populated, valuable part of our city.  Is it possible to lessen the number of stops along the route to keep the bus moving?  Could you run the route as is in an “every other” type of route – such as running the route as it is now and then on the next run as you propose?  Possibly the bike routes could be financially tweaked and funding transferred – after all, most people do not shop for groceries or transport families on bicycles.I hope the folks that took this survey come out and see what it would be like to walk a great distance, in inclement weather, in the dark, without “sidewalks”, with children, with groceries, etc., after being on their job all day, and see how well that works for them!!!!!Does the safety of the West Side Taxpayer matter – to anyone other than me?RespectfullyRick RineyPerry Township TrusteekmJuly 14, 2015cc:  The Honorable Mayor Lloyd WinnneckeCity Council MembersFileFootnote:  Temperature on July 13, 2015 was 93 degrees with a heat index of 108 per WTVW news cast.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Reporting in Innovate to accumulate

first_imgGoing from meeting to meeting in London, I tend to spend quite a bit of time working in coffee shops and cafés. Last Monday, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours at a new business in Holborn, called the Fleet River Bakery.Baking their own bread, making sandwiches with fresh ingredients and serving quality coffee would probably be enough to make a healthy profit at the best of times. But passing by again on Friday, I saw that the bakery was doing a brisk trade with a buffet on the pavement for university students, who were finishing their exams just down the block.Not every shop has access to a steady stream of students to help keep them in business, but I think there is a lesson to be learned from the Fleet River Bakery; businesses that innovate will find ways to keep the cash flowing and the order book full.Of course there are risks associated with diversifying, but there are also some great opportunities waiting out there for businesses that are willing to find new ways of working. Is there room for your business to develop a new range of products, or maybe there are new markets for your products in different areas and retailers that you haven’t considered before?With summer finally here and the market starting to turn, now’s the time to start looking for room to grow. Whether that takes the form of a bowl of fruit and a box of sandwiches for a hungry economics student is up to you.last_img read more