Notch shaves his beard after Mojam 2 raises 500k for charity

first_imgLast weekend Minecraft studio Mojang and Notch teamed up with the Humble Bundle crew again to do another Mojam in order to raise money for charity. Over the course of 3 days the developers, including several other well-known indie developers, split into small teams and started creating games.As usual, the Humble Bundle rules allowed anyone to gain access to the games by pledging money and deciding how much of your pledge went to the charities Block by Block or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Notch also made a promise that if the total donations managed to reach $500,000, he would allow someone to shave off his now legendary beard.When Mojam 2 was finished the contributions totaled $507,336.93, meaning Notch’s beard had to come off. The video of Notch’s shaving can be watched above, and the new look Notch can be seen below. He looks very different doesn’t he?Seeing Notch without his beard may come as a bit of a shock, but contributing to Mojam 2 was certainly worth it. As well as 100 percent of the proceeds going to charity, you gained access to four new Mojang games (Battle Frogs, Endless Nuclear Kittens, Nuclear Pizza War, and Nuke the Dinosaurs), and new games from Oxeye (3918), Wolfire (Low-light), Vlambeer (Wasteland Kings), Grapefrukt (Tektonic), and Ludosity (Space Hunk).It seems very likely there will be a Mojam 3 in the not too distant future, but what is Notch going to promise to do next time?last_img read more