EIA: Stockpiles at Highest Level in 7 Years as Coal Continues to Lose Market Share

first_imgEIA: Stockpiles at Highest Level in 7 Years as Coal Continues to Lose Market Share FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享From the Energy Information Administration:Coal stockpiles at electric generating facilities totaled 197 million tons at the end of 2015, the highest level since June 2012 and the highest year-end inventories in at least 25 years. More than 40 million tons of coal were added to stockpiles at electric generating facilities from September through December, the largest build during that timespan in at least 15 years. In addition to relatively low overall electricity generation, largely attributable to the warmest winter on record, coal-fired electricity has recently been losing market share to electricity produced using natural gas and renewable resources.Coal stockpiles typically follow a seasonal pattern in which stocks build during the lower electricity demand periods of the spring and fall and then get drawn down during periods of higher electricity demand in the summer and winter. In 2015, the stockpile build from August to December was 40 million tons, far higher than the 11 million ton average stockpile build for these months over 2001-14. Coal stockpiles typically decrease in December, averaging a roughly 3 million ton decline for the month over 2001-14. However, stockpiles this December increased by more than 8 million tons.As stockpiles grew toward the end of 2015, shipments of coal by rail fell. Weekly coal railcar loadings averaged nearly 94,000 carloads per week from September through December 2015, 22% below average loadings for that time of year over the previous five years. Railcar loadings were even lower in the first months of 2016. Through February, weekly coal railcar loadings averaged slightly more than 75,000 carloads, 35% below the previous five-year average.Full article ($): Dynegy CEO says coal industry needs to do more or risk disappearinglast_img read more

Court Forces BLM to Delay Oil And Gas Lease Sales Over Climate Change Concerns

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Associated Press:U.S. officials delayed lease sales on federal oil and gas reserves beneath more than 160 square miles of public and private lands in eastern Montana in response to a recent court ruling on climate change, a U.S. Bureau of Land Management spokesman said Wednesday.The 223 lease parcels had been slated for sale on June 12, but instead will undergo additional environmental analysis, said Jon Raby, the bureau’s acting state director for Montana, in a letter announcing the delay. Agency officials could not provide a timeline for the new analysis or say when the parcels would be available for sale.U.S. District Judge Brian Morris in March ruled that government officials failed to fully consider the climate impacts of burning coal, oil and gas extracted from the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming.The basin has the largest coal reserves in the U.S. and lesser quantities of oil and gas. Morris said any new or pending lease sales in the area must be subjected to a detailed environmental review.“One thing the court was clear about is the BLM cannot continue to ignore the real and significant impacts of fossil fuel development in the Powder River Basin,” said Shiloh Hernandez, an attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center representing the environmentalists in the case.More: US Delays Oil, Gas Sales In Montana After Climate Ruling Court Forces BLM to Delay Oil And Gas Lease Sales Over Climate Change Concernslast_img read more

Chile to close eight coal-fired stations by 2024

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享France24:Chile announced Tuesday it would close eight coal-fired power stations over the next five years as part of a plan to switch entirely to renewable energy by 2040. The closures, announced by Chile’s conservative President Sebastian Pinera, account for 20 percent of the country’s energy capacity, or 23,000 megawatts.Chile, a net importer of energy, has relied increasingly on coal-powered electricity generation over the last decade, driven largely by the end of imports of natural gas from Argentina. Imports were resumed last year under a new agreement with Buenos Aires, leading Chile to lessen its reliance on coal.About 40 percent of Chile’s electricity generation comes from 28 coal-fired power stations. The goal is to replace them all by 2040 and become fully carbon-neutral by 2050.Pinera has pushed Chile’s clean energy transformation drive first begun under his leftist predecessor Michelle Bachelet, favoring renewable sources of energy like wind, solar and geothermal stations.The shutdown of four coal-fired plants in Tocopilla — as well as others in Iquique, Puchuncavi in the center, and in the southern city of Coronel — will reduce annual CO2 emissions from the current 30 million tonnes (tons) to four million by 2024, the government said. Once they are shut down, the plants will remain mothballed in a state of “operational reserve,” ready to be called into service in an emergency at any time over the following five-year period, Pinera said.More: Chile to close eight coal-fired power stations Chile to close eight coal-fired stations by 2024last_img read more

Western Australia to shut two more units at Muja coal plant, saving $350 million

first_imgWestern Australia to shut two more units at Muja coal plant, saving $350 million FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:The Western Australian government has set a date for the closure of another two units of the state’s ageing coal fired Muja Power Station – a long-awaited move it says should save the state $350 million, drive down electricity costs and boost the stability of the grid.The Labor McGowan government said on Tuesday that the staged retirement of Muja’s C units would commence in October 2022, because it was “no longer viable” to keep them operating. The government said demand for the kind of coal-fired baseload power generated by the 40-year-old plant, which is operated by state-owned company Synergy, was in decline, and was being undercut by the boom in residential rooftop solar on the South West Interconnected System.On top of that, the high operating costs of Muja C, and increased maintenance due to the additional cycling of the plant – it is only being used around 35 per cent of the time – would force power prices up if it remained open.In dollar terms, the government estimates that keeping the two units operating at Muja C any longer than the selected dates would add “at least $350 million” to the state’s power bill – a cost borne by every taxpayer in the state.“It no longer makes sense to keep the Muja C units operational,” Premier Mark McGowan said in a statement. “They are expensive to run, and demand for electricity from the units is declining dramatically. Keeping them open will lead to higher power bills for Western Australians and put our stable electricity supply at risk.”The retirement of Muja C follows the closure in 2018 of what were the four oldest of the power station’s units – Muja AB – not long after they were controversially upgraded at a cost of more than $300 million under the previous Coalition government. The two Muja D units, Collie Power Station and Bluewaters will continue to operate – but for how long was not directly addressed in the statement.More: Western Australia to close Muja coal units – to lower power bills, stabilise gridlast_img read more

Australia’s New South Wales to create 3,000MW ‘renewable energy zone’ to speed wind, solar projects

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Renew Economy:New South Wales (NSW) has announced plans to create its first “renewable energy zone,” seeking to attract 3,000MW of investment in the state’s central west as it accelerates efforts to attract cheap wind and solar to replace its ageing coal-fired power stations.The initiative was one of a number unveiled in a new electricity strategy by NSW, which is the most heavily coal-dependent state in the country, sourcing 80 per cent of its local generation from its black coal generators, four of which will retire over the next 15 years.It now realises that coal is not the future. Not only are “firmed” renewables cheaper, the coal-fired generators are becoming increasingly unreliable, prompting the state government to develop a new, higher energy security standard to back-fill in case of more generator trips.“Firmed renewables are now the most cost-competitive form of new generation and cost less than the current wholesale electricity price,” [Energy Minister Matt] Kean said while unveiling the NSW Electricity Strategy on the morning of the meeting of state and federal energy ministers in Perth on Friday.The first of three renewable energy zones (REZ) – the first in Australia – will be located in a region bordered by Tamworth to the east, Nyngan to the west and Orange to the south.The other [initiatives] are a more ambitious energy savings target that will support technologies that reduce the consumption of electricity or gas from the wholesale market, and a demand reduction scheme that will support technologies like batteries that can shift demand away from peak periods.More: NSW announces 3,000MW renewable energy zone, and energy security target Australia’s New South Wales to create 3,000MW ‘renewable energy zone’ to speed wind, solar projectslast_img read more

Wisconsin utility looking to move forward with 1,000MW solar buildout

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):Alliant Energy Corp. said Feb. 21 that it is likely to file in the second quarter with regulators its rate plan covering the first tranche of a 1,000-MW solar buildout that will continue through 2023 in Wisconsin.The Madison, Wis.-headquartered utility holding company said it is also “watching closely” legislative initiatives that suggest that neighboring Iowa is “early in the process” of building out solar generation in a state where regulated utility subsidiary Interstate Power & Light Co. already has a significant wind generation fleet.“We’re putting renewable energy to work for our customers by advancing our renewable energy investments and preparing the energy grid for more distributed energy resources,” Alliant Energy Chairman, President and CEO John Larsen told analysts in discussing the company’s fourth-quarter 2019 financial results.Alliant serves more than 965,000 electricity customers in Iowa and Wisconsin and meets a summer peak demand of 5,459 MW. Alliant’s regulated utilities own 12 wind farms with 1,890 MW of capacity. The company also serves 415,000 natural gas customers.Larson noted the recent completion of the 200-MW Whispering Willow Wind Farm – North (New Wind) project in Iowa. “We now have nearly 70% of our planned 1,000 MW of new wind placed into service for our Iowa customers,” Larson said. “We are on track to complete the balance of this plan by the end of this year.”The company has said it will also be adding 730 MW of gas-fired generation this year to “complement renewables.” Larsen said the West Riverside Energy Center in southern Wisconsin is over 98% complete and expected to be in service in the coming weeks.[Jeffrey Ryser]More ($): Alliant Energy eyes 1,000-MW solar buildout on top of active wind installations Wisconsin utility looking to move forward with 1,000MW solar buildoutlast_img read more

Trauma Tuesday: Diana Nyad and the Culture of Doubt

first_imgWhen did it come to this?Is it the money? Is it the anonymous Internet? Is it the collective ego? The 24-hour news cycle? Boredom?Last week, a 64-year-old woman named Diana Nyad swam across the ocean from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida becoming the first person to do so without the help of a shark cage. First off, how do you swim inside a shark cage? Second off, having the modifier of “without a shark cage” to your achievement is pretty much the most badass thing ever. Having achieved the 110-mile swim on her fifth attempt, this should have been a time of triumph for Nyad – an accomplished, record-setting long distance swimmer finally realizing her dream – and for a time it was. A very short time, like about 24 hours, before she was forced to defend herself.People thought she had cheated.Here are some other fun facts about Nyad culled from her Wikipedia page. She was a high school swimming champ who hoped to qualify for the 1968 Olympics before being derailed by an illness. She got kicked out of Emory for jumping out of a dorm window with a parachute – 4th floor. Nyad was once ranked 13 in the U.S. women’s squash rankings. She wrote a biography of former diva NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. Obviously, this woman has lived an extremely fulfilling and varied life.Back to the swim. Nyad used GPS tracking during her 50+ hours in the water so fans could track her progress, as well as live blogs from her support team. Some are treating this data as a smoking gun, focusing on a period when she was going particularly fast (skeptics say she was being towed by or was on the support boat; support team says they currents were favorable), and another when she apparently didn’t stop to eat or drink for seven hours (skeptics again say she was on the boat; support team says…well they haven’t really addressed this, but let’s assume she swam on her bag and chugged protein shakes).So here we are again. Person accomplishes seemingly unattainable athletic feat, celebrates for a brief moment in time, and then is forced with the burden of proving the feat. This is the pattern we have become accustomed to. You can blame Lance Armstrong, Ben Johnson, Rosie Ruiz or any of the other multitude of athletes over the decades that have cheated and been caught. There are undoubtedly many, many others who have not been caught, and never will be. My personal opinion is that there is a significant difference between cheating by ingesting performance enhancing drugs, and cheating by jumping in the race with a mile to go or riding in a boat for a quarter of a record swim. One is gaining an advantage by enhancing your body with what amounts to (super-advanced) medicine, but you are still a human who has to hit the ball, pedal the bike, or put one foot in front of the other. The other is a blatant circumnavigation of the physical rules of the game.In Nyad’s case, the rules of the game are as murky as the water she swam last week. There are “English Channel” rules, which she broke by donning a wetsuit and protective mask – she never said she would adhere to EC rules as her previous attempts were stopped because of jellyfish stings. There is the shark cage thing, and as CBS News states:“Since none of the various open-water swimming associations dictate how someone should swim from Cuba to Florida — officially accomplished only by Nyad and Susie Maroney, who used a shark cage — Nyad just had to follow generally accepted rules about not getting out of the water or using equipment such as fins.”So, there are many questions: Why are accomplishments treated as guilty until proven innocent? Why are people so eager and quick to poke holes in someone’s achievements? Why all the cynicism? Have we been lied to, tricked, and fooled too many times to ever believe anyone ever again?It is interesting to juxtapose Nyad’s accomplishment with some of the great athletic feats by athletes in the Blue Ridge. There is Jennifer Pharr Davis breaking the (unofficial) Appalachian Trail Speed record with no controversy over whether she hitched a ride from Damascus to Harpers Ferry. There is Matt Kirk breaking the record, and being congratulated by Davis. This is just one of many of the trail speed records that may be unofficial, but are no less noteworthy than Nyad’s swim. Is the trail running community that much more trustworthy and/or supportive? Is it because Nyad drew more national and international attention and not just regional admiration?Of course, we can never answer these questions in their entirety, but we can take a step back and not buy into the whirlwind. The bottom line is this: because someone casts doubt, there will forever be doubt. As the saying goes, there are three sides to every story: your side, their side and the truth. It would appear to be pretty silly for her to attempt to cheat her way to this accomplishment given that there were over 30 people in her support staff, and publicly available GPS data (I also find it hard to believe there was not a documentary crew on board to record her swim). The real issue here is not whether she rode in the boat or not – because Diana Nyad swimming through shark infested waters for a long time between two land masses does not really have any effect on our day to day lives whatsoever – the real issue is the culture we have created where athletic glory can only be attained through means that aren’t physical stamina, mental perseverance, and pure will.If Nyad indeed cheated, the truth will come out one way or another from the people that were there, we don’t need anonymous Internet forums and chat rooms to manufacture controversy when there isn’t one. If there is one positive that comes out of this possibly non-controversy, it will be a conversation (like this one) on why people feel the need to tear down a 64-year-old woman who just achieved her life’s goal.What do you thing readers? Leave your opinion in the comments below.last_img read more

BRO on the Newsplex: Your Next Snow Day

first_imgNick Noe from Blue Ridge Outdoors appears on the Charlottesville Newsplex to talk about how to enjoy your next snow day, from sledding hills to local resorts.last_img

Hops in the Hills Craft Beer Festival…. A celebration of fermentation.

first_imgCraft beer lovers, renowned breweries and local bands will unite for the second annual Hops in the Hills festival June 24 and 25 in downtown Maryville, Tennessee. This year’s festival includes a who’s-who list of local and regional brewing icons, charming music from local groups and a brew crawl for craft beer enthusiasts.hopsinthehills-132The festivities begin Friday, June 24 with a craft brew crawl from 6 to 11 p.m. provided by Knox Brew Tours. Saturday’s events include a 2:30 p.m. beer seminar at Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria led by local brewers and professors, followed by the brew festival from 4 to 8 p.m. Passes to the brew crawl cost $10. General admission tickets for Saturday are $40.hopsinthehills-80The list of participating breweries includes more than two dozen options that will appeal to a diverse range of tastes. East Tennessee participants include Blackberry Farm and Yee-Haw Breweries, which each won medals at the 2016 World Beer Cup, and other local staples such as Bluetick, Fanatic and Last Days of Autumn Breweries.hopsinthehills-32Big beer names from around the state will join the fun, including Yazoo, Fat Bottom and Tennessee Brew Works from Nashville, Wiseacre Brewery out of Memphis and Calfkiller from Sparta.girlsRegional beer makers such as Highland Brewing Co., Oskar Blues and Starr Hill will also participate in the festival. The slate even features small local brewers such as Fanatic Brewing Co. and the Blount County Home Brewers.Hops in the Hills is also an opportunity for guests to enjoy historic Maryville, Tennessee, which serves as the gateway to the Smoky Mountains. The event is part of the Summer on Broadway celebration. It will take place at 121 West Broadway Avenue in downtown Maryville.last_img read more

Massanutten Resort – Massanutten, VA

first_imgFamily Special Value Pass: $1,280 before December 10 ($1,400 on/after December 11) To relax and recharge after a full day outdoors, guests can escape to our serene, sophisticated day spa. For the ultimate relaxing experience, combine aromatherapy with a massage. What are the best runs and why? At Massanutten Resort, there is something for everyone, all within reach. For a full list of activities offered this season and for the most up-to-date info including hours of operation, visit massresort.com/hours. If shopping while sipping on coffee is more your speed, discover new looks, new gifts, and new styles this season at our five on-mountain retail stores. Stop by the Lift Coffee Bar located inside the recently updated General Store for signature winter drinks, baked goods, fudge, and more! While our usual snow sports will still be available this year, many areas of the resort have changed operationally to better accommodate our guest experience during this time. Capacity limits will apply around the resort, but we believe these reduced capacities will both enhance your experience and help limit the spread of the virus. What are the best apres ski activities available at the resort and in the area? Valid anytime opening day through Dec. 24Restricted until 4pm Dec. 25 – Jan. 1Valid anytime Sunday – Friday in January amd February | Restricted until 4pm on Saturdays in January and FebruaryValid anytime March 1 through Closing Day Pass prices? Other resorts will have different policies so always check the website before your visit. Pre-planning will be crucial to enjoying your time outside this winter. Consider skiing and riding midweek and arriving early. For more information on this upcoming season, please visit massresort.com/winter to view our 2020-21 Winter Planning Guide. Average inches of snowfall? 37 inches To continue providing a remarkable and safe experience, we will be taking steps to keep everyone outdoors as much as possible (and truly taking advantage of offering you that fresh mountain air). We encourage you to use your car as your go-to destination. Think of it as your own private Base Camp. Driving distance to nearest major cities? Charlottesville, Va. – 1 hourRichmond, Va. – 2 hoursRoanoke, Va. – 2 hoursWashington, D.C. – 2.5 hoursBaltimore, Md. – 3 hoursWinston Salem, N.C. – 4 hoursPittsburgh, Pa. – 4 hoursPennsylvania, Pa. – 4 hoursCharlotte, N.C. – 5 hoursLexington, Ky. – 6.5 hoursChattanooga, Tenn. – 7 hoursAtlanta, Ga. – 8.5 hours What guidelines and protocols have you put in place to keep visitors and employees safe during COVID-19? Do you offer any family friendly activities? Unfortunately, traditional group lessons, Mountain Cruisers, Mini-Riders, or multi-week Learn to Ski (LTS) programs will not be available this year. We will offer our season-long race and freestyle programs. Lessons can be purchased by phone at 540.289.4921. With Massanutten Resort’s wide range of restaurants, events, and activities, you have a myriad of options for après-ski. This year’s restaurant options will look a bit different though. Longest run? 4,100-foot-long, black-diamond-rated Paradice How many beginner, intermediate, and expert trails are there? If you’re looking to buy a home in the area, contact Massanutten Realty to search properties for sale on the mountain and in the surrounding valley. Base Camp Umbrella Bar is located at the base of the slopes, right on the Ski Lodge deck and offers a full menu, craft beer, and some of the most unique cocktails on the mountain, like the Smoked Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita. Enjoy your beverage at the bar or gather with friends and family around your very own deck-top fire pit. We’re also excited to continue offering Northern Lights tubing with more late-night sessions on Friday and Saturday nights, which will feature music and brightly colored lights that illuminate our 900-foot-long tubing hill for a great new, family-friendly activity here at the resort. Number of slopes? 14 Student Full Season Pass: $460 before December 10 ($511 on/after December 11) We will also offer a Last Chair Special that will be valid for the last 2 hours we are open from 3-5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 7-9 p.m. on days with night skiing for just $20.  If you’d like to learn more about how this season looks, please visit massresort.com for more information. Tickets and services will be available for purchase in advance online including lift tickets, rentals, snow tubing, ice skating, dining, and the Massanutten Indoor WaterPark. We suggest all guests purchase online in advance as availability is limited. The 4,100-foot-long, black-diamond-rated Paradice is a local favorite, boasting moguls on one side and outstanding views the entire way down. Massanutten’s very own Rental Shop provides skiers and snowboarders with the basic equipment they might need for a fun day on the mountain. Items rented include skis, boots, poles, snowboards, boots, and helmets. The Lift Coffee Bar serves specialty beverages like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos to order, just the way you like it. Conveniently located in the General Store, right next to the ski slopes, The Lift will provide that perfect drink whether you are headed out for a full day of skiing or need something to warm you up after you’re done. And if you need a snack to go with the perfect cup, we have you covered with bagels, muffins, scones, and old-fashioned fudge. Not to worry though, as additional dining options will be made available on the mountain to help with spacing including new offerings at the Mid-Mountain Grill like beer and wine service. If you haven’t stopped at Mid-Mountain Grill before, just picture yourself enjoying a brewski with epic mountain views sitting slope-side about halfway up the mountain. Family Full Season Pass: $1,850 before December 10 ($2,050 on/after December 11) We thank everyone for their patience as we’re gearing up for this season. It’s important to be patient, order in advance online to guarantee your tickets, and wear your mask in buildings and in any lines. Indoor space will be limited so you might want to break out the tailgate for lunch and boot up in the car. If your full day on the slopes leaves you craving a good meal, no worries! Whether you are looking for traditional southern barbecue or a campfire-inspired skillet with local ingredients, our restaurants will take care of your hunger and your taste buds. Plus, there’s no better way to warm up than to come indoors and take a long slow sip of something delicious.  Base/summit elevation? 2,860 Where is the best place to stay in the area? And if they are looking to buy? Capping out the 2020-21 season, we’re thrilled to bring back Snow Moon Fest for its fourth year. The epic winter celebration is going to be held March 5-7, 2021 and will feature popular events such as the Arctic Plunge, 4K race/walk, live music, tap takeovers and samples, fireworks, torchlight parade, and more! Stay tuned for event details. At 2,860 ft. elevation, Massanutten is home to wide-groomed trails, a dedicated learner’s area, terrain parks, and night skiing. Skiers and riders who visit Massanutten will have access to 3 Beginners trails, 6 Intermediate trails, 3 Expert trails, and 2 Terrain Parks. Where do you recommend visitors buy or rent their gear? The General Store is a great place to find new gear on the mountain. It is located at the top of Massanutten Drive, in the heart of the Ski Area. Also, be sure to check out Powder Shack Ski & Snowboard Shop, located just down the road on Rt. 33 for great prices on skis, snowboards, helmets, and more. Booking directly through Massanutten Resort gives you full access to all of the recreation centers and indoor pools, so be sure to visit our website for all accommodation options. This year will look different compared to past seasons due to COVID, however, we are excited to welcome back skiers and snowboarders and provide them with a safe, authentic, one-of-a-kind mountain experience unlike any other. Skiable acres? 70 Special Value Pass: $359 before December 10 ($398 on/after December 11) As one of the East Coast’s premier family-friendly resorts, we are proud to offer a wide range of activities that all families can enjoy. Check out the award-winning Massanutten Indoor WaterPark, slide down our 900-foot-long snow tubing hills, race the clock in one of our three escape rooms, spin around the Ice-Skating Rink, or enjoy an Evening Show. The possibilities are endless! Adult Full Season Pass: $528 before December 10 ($586 on/after December 11) For true NUTTs, our season passholder perks are back this season along with the Indy Pass, which includes two free days of skiing and riding at over 50 independent resorts around the country. New this year is our Family Season Passes offering unlimited skiing and snowboarding for four immediate family members ages 6-69. What do you offer for beginners who want to learn how to ski or snowboard? Number of lifts? 7 Encounters Lounge, on the second floor of the Ski Lodge, is open Wednesday through Monday, and we are currently working on our usual live music schedule with a DJ every Friday and Saturday night. Just show your slope-use ticket for free admission! New this season is expanded outdoor music options at Base Camp and other locations are currently in the works as well. Lessons this season will be a little different due to COVID. Lessons will begin as private and semi-private (from the same traveling party) for at least the first half of the season. We hope to reevaluate our lesson offerings in the coming weeks as we monitor the evolving dynamics.  What’s new at the resort this year? If you’re looking to fill your days with adventure here at the resort, be sure to visit the 42,000-square-foot Indoor WaterPark, three different themed escape rooms, zip line, and snow tubing park. Or, try something new at one of our many arts and crafts classes. For those seeking a relaxing escape, the resort spa delivers a wide menu of services including manicures, pedicures, detoxifying massages, and more. What activities are available beyond the slopes? Opening day? Mid-December (weather permitting) There are countless events going on at Massanutten Resort throughout the season. You can find a full list of events here. Being an all-season resort, Massanutten is the perfect place to visit at any time of the year. Outdoor enthusiasts and adventure buffs will enjoy Massanutten’s Mountain Bike Park, Ridge Rappelling & Rock-Climbing Excursion, Canopy Tour, and hiking Massanutten’s Western Slope in the warmer months. Families will enjoy returning in the summer to check out our brand-new Outdoor WaterPark expansion featuring three brand new slides (MASS Mayhem, Peak Plunge, and Valley Vortex), an enhanced kiddie area, a gathering and observation area, and a new outdoor bar for the adults. Other activities include summer tubing, gem mining, zip lines, and bounce houses at the Massanutten Family Adventure Park. Are there activities available in the off-season?last_img read more