Analysis of website of parenting rearing high weight chain

through the Links site to bring the quality of the chain is also very impressive. The website weight is low website can find web site weight high website is a chain, looking for friends of the chain can not be too careless, details of the owners should pay attention to, PR, snapshot, included, rankings, such things are a commonplace talk of an old scholar are, but the details, to see whether they can pay attention to you. Friends of the chain of the chain is not only good to the search engines, but also can bring convenience to your users. When users in the use of your site, may want to find more relevant knowledge, he can find you in the chain, so you can give your user stickiness, so you also worry about no site outside the chain, not what the user. So to find the chain, don’t forget the friendship. But this is to. read more

Escape from the black hat search engine cheating to promote the rankings of natural increase (three)

group of software is many webmaster feel a thing and secretly scared, sending software to help many webmaster in post, send the chain etc to save a lot of time, but the mass software because of improper use has caused great damage to the site. The following example:

black hat Shanghai dragon cheating nine: Brush love Shanghai click


black hat Shanghai dragon cheating ten: use a variety of software

we can find many posts in Shanghai Longfeng task, most of them are some that can quickly improve website ranking posts within a few days, read more