Broome County Concerned Residents heading to state capital for Wind Turbine Project

first_imgTown of Windsor Supervisor, Carolyn Price said, “The Town of Windsor has experienced growth from energy projects. With another energy project, Bluestone Wind, growth continues. The Host Community Agreement and Payment In Lieu of Taxes will provide new revenue from property that has been tax exempt. New revenue is good news for the Town of Windsor.” The project is proposed to place 27 wind turbines in the towns of Windsor and Sanford. Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said in a press release  “Broome County supports the Bluestone Wind project. It would provide a major capital investment in Eastern Broome with hundreds of construction and operation jobs and the significant payments to host landowners will inject new momentum into our local economy. Finally, the towns, school districts and county all stand to benefit from over $45 million worth of revenue from the project over 30 years. We simply cannot afford to allow excessive red tape and regulation to hold back new investment and jobs in Broome County. To keep our children here after they graduate, we need to support local businesses in every way possible.” While many residents are against the idea of wind turbines being placed in their towns, many town officials have said that they think it will be positive for the area. (WBNG)- The group, Broome County Concerned Residents will be heading to Albany Monday to oppose the Calpine Project. center_img The town Supervisors for the towns of Windsor and Sanford also spoke out as well, saying that the wind turbines will help the tax revenue. Meanwhile, Town Supervisor for the town of Sanford Dewey Decker said on the impact of the Host Community Agreement, “The Town is trying to stay down the middle. There is a positive: anyone who is paying taxes will benefit from this, not only on the town tax, but on the school tax and the county tax. People who do not like the project will benefit also.” The New York State siting board is meeting at 10 a.m. Monday to consider Calpine’s application to build the facility.last_img read more

Santa makes appearance on dispatch scanners Christmas Eve

first_imgVIDEO SOURCE: Broome County Sheriff’s Office & Maine Fire They also say he entered numerous residences through the chimney. Around 9 p.m. Tuesday night, dispatchers described they saw a suspect with “rose red cheeks” wearing a red coat with fur coming from the north toward Broome County in an “old fashioned” sleigh. (WBNG) — Dispatchers claim they saw Santa on Christmas Eve. The full dispatch is posted below. Take a listen:last_img

‘We’re very lucky’: Broome County Humane Society reflects on six-figure donation

first_imgShelter staff said most of the donations will go toward veterinary care for the animals. “There’s something about the animals that they know they’re in a better place,” said Karen Matson, the humane society’s executive director. “They know they’re getting the help they need and it’s funny; you can talk to a lot of people who adopt animals and they get the animal home, and a month later they’re like ‘this is the best pet I’ve ever had’. I think the animals know too, the animals appreciate it.” As part of the Staffworks Fund’s Save a Life campaign , the humane society raised more than a hundred and forty thousand dollars in the month of December. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Broome County Humane Society announced a big boost to help their furry friends Thursday.center_img Humane society employees say they’ll use this money to help their animals, who often show notable signs of improvement after receiving care. More than $110,000 came from community donations, and the last thirty thousand was donated by the Staffworks Fund.last_img read more

Local family builds Lego city from the ground up

first_img“I like the design of the Security Mutual building in Binghamton, so we built that,” said Aaron. “We were building Legos in the living room, and then my wife got tired of stepping on Legos all the time,” said Aaron Miller. A process that has surely kept them busy while being quarantined at home, “we tiled the streets, we put in a campground,” Emily said as they continue to cherish valuable time together. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Aaron Miller is the dad to eight-year-old Emily and six-year-old Brayden. The three have found a way to stay fun and creative during the coronavirus quarantine. “I think we were just excited to share some of the stuff we’ve been doing creatively, and it’s been exciting to see the growth and stuff on the channel,” said Aaron. For Emily, she said the hardest part of building the city was, “deciding where everything goes.” “It’s just something we like to do. A fun hobby to do together with the kids and stuff, so we started building and it’s just kind of grown from there,” said Aaron. The Miller’s have taken their talents viral, putting videos of the process on Youtube and garnering almost 1,200 views per video. “It’s ton of fun.” This is nothing new for the trio, they have been building Legos for the last two years. If you take a close look at their creation, you are bound to find some familiar buildings. Something that started as a hobby has now become a passion. The three have built an entire Lego city from the ground up.last_img read more

‘Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough’ Community steps up to help family displaced by fire

first_img“I don’t know what the words are, I don’t know if there are any words thank you just doesn’t seem like enough,” she said. “We just need to give a huge thank you to everyone for their support, to Kim for starting the gofundme, to our customers.” But after their home was devastated by a late night fire on Monday, April 27 they say they couldn’t have imagined the support they’d receive after a high school friend stepped up to help. (WBNG) — The Rusnak family, owners of Brody’s Pizza in Endicott already knew they had a lot of friends in the neighborhood. The Rusnak’s say they are working on plans to reopen Brody’s Pizza and say they hope to see that happen as soon as next week. Just over a week later that gofundme has raised more than sixteen thousand dollars. Money the Rusnak’s say will help them face the challenge of rebuilding in the midst of a global pandemic. “The schools are amazing for what they’re doing for the kids with the school lunches but maybe the kids might want a couple slices of pizza one day instead of a school lunch,” said Melissa of decision to offer the lunches. The family began the COVID-19 crisis by stepping up to provide free school lunches for kids in the community before they were forced to temporarily close Brody’s Pizza. “It’s been difficult as far as furniture shopping and trying to find mattresses and beds with the limited places that are open I’d say it’s been difficult to say the least,” said Jason Rusnak. “We’ve been open a little over a year and we have a very strong customer base here it’s a small community,” said Melissa Rusnak. “Come see us when we open back up. We’ll get there.” “Our seven year old took it the hardest, at that age it’s hard to understand that your treasures can be replaced,” Melissa said. They say the fire has also been extremely difficult for their six children who were already adjusting to the challenges of the crisis such as remote learning. Melissa says she has another message for those customers who have supported them in their time of need: Now as they begin the process of rebuilding, the same community they stepped up to help is stepping up to return the favor. “She said hey I set up a gofundme for you, Please let me do this I need to do this for you guys,” Melissa said. last_img read more

Crews respond to house fire in Colesville

first_imgThe Fire Departments from West Colesville, Sanitaria Springs, West Windsor, Windsor, Deposit, and Port Crane were at the scene, as well as the Colesville Ambulance and Broome Ambulance to assist the firefighters with rehabilitating from the warm temperatures from the fire. At the time of the fire, no one was inside the residence as the house has been known to be vacant for several months. The fire took place at 2895 Route 7 in the Town of Colesville. Officials say smoke could be seen coming from the second floor attic area. COLESVILLE, N.Y. (WBNG) –A number of crews assisted the Harpursville Fire Department in responding to reports of a house fire yesterday. According to officials, no injuries were reported, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control, Broome county Bureau of Fire Investigation, and the New York State Police.last_img read more