Dart from Valverde to Abidal for Aleñá: “I didn’t expect it to be so soon”

first_imgThe famous ‘overbooking’ of summer in the center of the Barcelona field has ended up being a poisoned apple That blows the knives. Let’s review. Ernesto Valverde did not take advantage of the question that was asked for Carles Aleñá to wish him luck in Betis (he made no mention), but to leverage the club hard to settle your loan as soon as possible when there are very important issues in the air still pending as possible Vidal’s march or Arthur’s injury. “I thought that if it happened (Aleñá’s departure) it wasn’t going to be so soon, but he had a chance to leave because his contract said so. He had a clause he could leave. Now we have one less, but I don’t think in no way out anymore. I don’t have to think about it. “ In the same message in which the discrepancy was due to Aleñá’s express departure, was the warning about Vidal. And something else. The Arthur case. No one knows how long the Brazilian can be out because of his problems in the pubis and Valverde, with discretion as usual, he also saw it: “Not being there is a setback. I will not deny it. Let’s see if he recovers. I would not like it to be like the previous year, that it was hanging out. We need it one hundred percent. “As Valverde did not say it verbatim, translating and interpreting it is not that difficult. Deep down, What I wanted to explain is that you can’t give in to Aleñá and think about giving Vidal a ticket (although that goes more for the directive), without the assurance that Arthur can play in a minimally optimal condition in the key months of the championship. Arthur disappeared in the final stretch last season and, although he promised to amend himself, his physical problems are beginning to mean a structural problem for Barça.last_img read more

Reinier and his signing for Real Madrid: “Let’s wait …”

first_imgThe young midfielder Reinier, the new jewel of Brazilian football, He avoided this Sunday speculating about his possible transfer to Real Madrid, which AS reported last Friday, and said it prefers to wait.“We’re going to wait”, was the sharp response of Reinier to the insistence of journalists who on Sunday covered the training of the Brazilian U-23 team at the Comary Farm, the sports headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) in the city of Teresópolis, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.The Flamengo player completed his third day of practice with the canarinha He prepares to play the South American pre-Olympic tournament in Colombia and will grant two places for the Tokyo 2020 Games, in which Brazil, if qualified, will defend the gold medal he won in Rio 2016.The possible transfer of the player to Real Madrid has attracted the attention of the press that accompanies the preparation of the selection and which takes for granted by the Flamengo the value of the contract termination clause of the midfielder.According to the Goal portal, Flamengo executives were meeting Friday with representatives of the young player, headed by his father Mauro Brasilia, world champion of futsal with Brazil in 1985, and a “principle of agreement” would have been reached.In the meeting, according to the information, the Flamengo manager, Bruno Spindel, and the football agent Giuliano Bertolucci participated. The UOL Esporte portal indicated that the club in Rio de Janeiro would have accepted 80% of the termination clause, set at 35 million euros, and 20% would be shared by the businessman and the player’s family, who will turn 18 on the 19th of this month.However, on Saturday, Flamengo Vice President Marcos Braz said the last champion of the Brazilian league awaits a formal proposal by Reinier, the new jewel of the Rio de Janeiro team.“The proposal has to come first”, Braz told the digital edition of the O Globo newspaper in Rio de Janeiro when he was questioned about the “imminent transfer” of the player to the Spanish club, as the Brazilian press assures.Reinier did not play in November the U-17 World Cup played in Brazil and won by the hosts because Flamengo refused to give it up to have him in the first team that won the league and the Copa Libertadores of 2019. Raúl, coach of Castilla, who would be Reinier’s first destination if he signed for Real Madrid, said on Sunday about the possible arrival of the Brazilian: “I can’t tell you anything because I don’t know anything, you’ll have to ask the club or other people. Nobody has told me anything about this case.”If the transfer is completed, the player, compared to Kaká for his football similarities and for being both native of Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, would join four of his countrymen in Real Madrid: Casemiro, Marcelo, his former partner in the lower divisions of ‘ Fla ‘Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo, another of the Brazilian promises.last_img read more

Zidane, about Bale: “They want us to have a problem with him, but we don’t have it …”

first_imgHow have you seen Bale? “He is an important player, he has shown it, he has not played the last three games and has made 70 very good minutes defensively. Then, the problem is that they want us to have a problem with Gareth, but there is not. There are many players, It’s not easy to manage all that. He’s a very important player, he’s always shown it and he’ll keep playing, like everyone else.He gave Jovic a few minutes and took advantage of them … “I’m glad for him, I needed him, he is a pure striker to whom you can tell him many things, that he is fine, that he plays well, but if he does not score a goal he is not happy. He has to improve, but I am glad for his goal, he it will come in handy. “Afterwards, the French appeared before the media.Analysis: “Today we had to add after the defeat against Real. In a very complicated field, where it is not easy to win, we did it. We started with difficulties, with a goal with a stopped ball, but after five minutes we tied and from that goal we started to play better. It’s a very hard game of the whole team and we deserved this victory. “Isco: “I don’t know if he has been his best version because he is a very good player, but it is true that having him between the lines is important for our possession. He has made a great game, like the others, and I am glad, also for his goal.”Enter the game late: “We went out with intensity, but they also came out very strong as always, it was known. They got the ball stopped, which is something that can happen. We have continued with what we know how to do, we have believed playing. After our goal it was a match different. I am happy for all the players because what we are doing is not easy. I repeat that we have not won anything, they are three points, they are not more than three points, but they are very important. “Hazard, again off the list: “It’s one thing we do together. It wasn’t the time today again and we’ll see this week. It’s going to need this week, it’s going to be long. We’re going to see it next week, I hope.”Isco Recovery: “You have asked me many times about Isco. Nothing has changed: he is an important player of this squad, when he plays he gives everything on the field, he is a good footballer, I like him a lot, technically it is important for us. Today he made a great game , like the others. I am especially happy for his goal because he has to put in more. “Bale, holder: “He has done well. I am happy for his game, offensively and defensively he has given everything. He was a bit short of physique at the end, so he has left the field. We know the player he is and that he will give us a lot now until the end of the season. We’re going to have Gareth. “ Zinedine Zidane analyzed in the flash interview the triumph of Real Madrid against Osasuna in El Sadar. The Madrid coach praised the performance of his team.Satisfied: “I am very happy. We are all very happy because in a small and complicated field, against a complicated opponent, and we knew what we were going to find today. We have controlled their virtues very well. It took us a bit to enter the game, they have scored a goal for us, but we immediately scored and that has given us confidence. From there we have started to play better and in the second part, much better. It is deserved and not easy. In these fields it is very difficult to play ” .1-0 reaction: “They put you in a stationary ball and it can happen. The only thing is that we have had peace of mind. It has been important to score in five minutes, get into the game quickly. From there we have left a little more with the ball, we have had more possession, we have even had occasions … At the time of work, we have defensively worked very hard, very concentrated … They have mostly two or three things in their field that do very well and we have managed to control them. always, playing and we got four, that here is not easy. After a defeat everyone thinks that it is easy, but no. I am glad for all the players, for what they do. It is very good to keep going “How did you see the match? “Very complicated game, in a difficult field to play, before an opponent that made it difficult. We got it defending very well, we control very well their weapons, the second ball, the centers … As always, we are in a good moment and if the players have chances to score. Three points in a difficult field scoring four goals. “What happened to the team at the start? “It was known that they would come out strong, if they get you a goal with a stopped ball … but that’s it. They entered very hard, there were moments of difficulty to get the ball, but we were better at the end of the first half and much better in the second.”Those two goals in just five minutes, were they the key? “It is very important to return to the game like this and it has given us that confidence and then play.”Triumph of those worth a League? “It does not change anything, we are very happy because it is not easy. We will continue working, we have not won anything. Congratulate the players because it is not easy.”last_img read more

Trincão, best player of the Portuguese league in the month of January

first_imgTrincão has been chosen as the best player in the First Division of the Portuguese league in January. The end recently signed by Barcelona and ceded in the Braga until the end of the season has won the award after the vote carried out by the Portuguese Players Union. The end obtained in the first month of 2020 12.14% of the votes; in second place was Cervi (Benfica), with 10.82%, and third place was to stop Corona (Porto), with 9.7% of the votes. It is the first time that Trincão is chosen as the best player in the Portuguese league. Curiously, this recognition comes days after Barcelona announced its signing until the 2024-25 season in exchange for 31 million. During the month of January, Sporting Braga won the four league matches he played (Belenenses, Tondela, Porto and Moreirense). Trincão had a prominent role for the Braga club to achieve the full: He scored two goals (Moreirense and Belenenses) and gave one assist (Moreirense).last_img read more

Dzyuba: “My dream is Madrid”

first_imgArtem Dzyuba, who was one of the great architects of Russia’s bell on Spain in the 2018 World Cup and current player of the Zenit of Saint Petersburg, has given an interview on Instagram to journalist Tina Kandelaki. In her, He has recognized that his biggest dream is to play Real Madrid. The striker explained that he followed the white club very closely from a young age, at the time of Raúl, Roberto Carlos or Ronaldo. The work of the tip: “I remember how Cristiano Ronaldo was angry with the Madrid management when they sold Mesut Ozil. He told them that if they had lost their minds for giving away the footballer who had given him half of the goals. All strikers are dependent, football is a team sport and to score a goal you need a pass. If you tell me if I prefer to score twenty goals or give thirty assists, I will keep the assists. “Agents in football: “In Russia they are a clear evil. They must be an older brother for the footballer, staying close to the good and the bad. With us, they disappear immediately as soon as the problems begin. They only keep the money. It is a disgrace” .The worst moment of his career: “When we lost to Croatia in the World Cup quarterfinals. It was a complete devastation. But that day there were no tears. Although I am sentimental, I can even cry during a movie. My friends laughed when I cried with Kung Fu Panda.”The VAR: “I am in favor of video replays. That makes football more transparent, more fair. However, the use of the VAR is not always correct. There are very silly game players. You cannot use the VAR at random, which Sometimes they go to see the repetition and sometimes they don’t. During the World Cup, everything worked perfectly. Then the problems started in England, in Russia … The interpretations are not the same. “ Your dream team: “Since my childhood I have been cheering for Madrid. It is my favorite team, when Zidane, Beckham, Guti, Raúl, Roberto Carlos, Figo, Fernando Hierro, Míchel Salgado, Casillas played … Even before Fernando Redondo … If I could choose I would like to play there. “last_img read more

The Bundesliga ‘helps’ Madrid

first_imgIn Madrid the Bundesliga is highly valued. “It is a very interesting competition, by level and by its style of football”, have been explaining from the entity. One of the factors, another, that can afford the wages of the Madrid footballers, very well paid even on their lowest salary scale. Eintracht have strengthened ties with Madrid so much that they asked for their help to convince two footballers without minutes in Chamartín: Marcos Llorente Y Mariano. The footballers’ opinion was not to go to Germany. In other cases, it is Madrid that denies that option. Schalke offered two seasons ago to receive Fede Valverde, a very economically advantageous operation, but in Concha Espina they opposed so as not to interrupt the bureaucratic process of the Birdie to obtain the Spanish passport. In the last decade, Madrid has developed an intense relationship with the sports management of various clubs in the upper-middle area of ​​the Bundesliga. Not only Borussia, in the case of Achraf, the Eintracht (Vallejo, Mascarell and bought the castillista Lucas Torró) and the Schalke. The mining club was the destination Raúl went to in 2009 and last season paid 10 million euros to Madrid for the transfer of former white-scoring player Mascarell. Cash is also made in Germany. It is what happened with today alavesista Joselu, sold to Hoffenheim in 2012 for six million euros … He Real Madrid tab in Brazil and leans in Germany. The club plans the return of Achraf, the fashion winger in the Bundesliga, where he spent two years on loan on loan at Borussia Dortmund. A traced strategy that the white entity undertook in 2012 with Carvajal and four years later with Jesús Vallejo. A journey dotted with more footballers leaving Factory to Germany and leaving, in some cases, money in the white box… FOOTBALL 17/18 Real Madrid transferred Mascarell to Schalke in 2018.DAILY AS (DAILY AS) They also look at ‘The Factory’ …German clubs are getting used to receiving Madridistas (the last one was Odriozola, loaned to Bayern in January) and to call the Bernabéu offices every summer. In the past summer market several German clubs contacted the agent of Theo Hernández, who finally chose to change Madrid for Milan, while Bayer Leverkusen tried to repeat the experience with Carvajal, chosen best right-back in the Bundesliga in 2012, replicating it with Odegaard. The Norwegian was close to going to Germany, but chose to approach his return to Madrid by trying on the League and with a club, the Real, which his agent (Kvarme) knows by heart. A bet that has been a winner.Those calls will be repeated this summer. Castilian striker Pedro He had several German offers on the table because his style marries Teutonic football, although he is now recovering from a knee injury, and Borussia has tried the situation of César Gelabert. A Real Madrid-Germany relationship that has no sign of ending.last_img read more

Federer calls the ATP and WTA unit

first_imgReactions amongst his followers and tennis followers have been swift, and most of the responses have been optimistic in direction of Roger’s proposal. “I agree with you, it’s too complicated for followers when there are totally different ranking techniques, totally different logos, totally different web sites and totally different match classes, “the Swiss replied to one in every of the interactions he obtained on Twitter.It needs to be remembered, as we stated final Tuesday in AS, that the worldwide world tennis organizations (ATP, WTA, ITF and the Grand Slams) confirmed that they’re in talks to offer the help that’s wanted a lot by the gamers who’re notably affected throughout this coronavirus disaster. The decision ‘Participant Support Program’ I might allocate $ 10,000 for every tennis participant between positions 250 and 700 from the males’s and ladies’s rankings, cash from the earnings of the high 100 of the rating. If we add to this the public request of Federer, maybe in the not too distant future the paths of ATP and WTA will find yourself discovering themselves … Generally desires come true, nonetheless implausible they might appear. And through this era of world pandemic it’s handy to dream positively, because it occurs to Roger Federer. The Swiss, as he has proven this Wednesday via his social networks, has expressed his I need the ATP and WTA circuits to return collectively. “I used to be simply questioning … Am I the just one who thinks that now’s the time for males’s and ladies’s tennis to return collectively as one?” Mirrored the Basel man. After all, not with regard to the incontrovertible fact that males towards ladies are measured on the monitor, nevertheless it speaks of union between its two governing our bodies. “I’m not speaking about merging the competitors on the area, however about merging the two governing our bodies (ATP and WTA) overseeing males’s and ladies’s skilled excursions … It ought to most likely have occurred a very long time in the past, however possibly now’s actually the time. These are tough instances in all sports activities and we are able to get out of this with two weakened our bodies or a stronger physique, “ the Swiss mirrored.last_img read more

The crisis costs Barça between 120 and 140 million euros

first_img“The League may not begin playing with the public until February 2021. Subscribers will have greater rights than people who come from outside,” says the Catalan vice president.Cardoner also anticipates that The signings for the next season will be limited, in many cases, to exchanges: “This is how things will happen across Europe.” He even suggested that three-way operations could happen with no money involved.Barça expects lower income next season, with fewer ticket sales and fewer visitors to your museum: “We are preparing the budget for next season and we will adapt our income to our expenses.”the vice president recognizes a debt of approximately 460-470 million euros, but considers it assumable, because it only represents half of the annual income from the club: “Many people wonder if our entity will suffer to maintain the excellence of our team. This will not happen, “he says. The club’s total profits reached 190 million euros between 2011 and 2019 and that makes this year’s losses easier to bear, according to Cardoner.” Because our basic economic situation is solid, this will not affect us in the same way as other clubs“Cardoner says Barça will prioritize the renovation of the Camp Nou over the rest of the facilities And he gave an explanation of the chain exits of managers: “This is part of human relations. They did not agree with some things and made that decision. We absolutely accept it. We have to continue. This is not a dictatorship.” The coronavirus crisis has cost the Catalan club between 120 and 140 million euros, according to ESPN, which collected words from Jordi Cardoner, the club’s economic vice president.Barça has lost around 50 million euros from ticket sales and its museum, 39 million euros from television and between 20 and 25 million from commercial revenue of its stores, soccer schools, “activities of legends”, etc. The total impact on revenue is already between 120 and 140 million euros, according to Cardoner.“This is what we know today. Surely there will be losses. Spending will have to decrease“Commented the Barça leader. Cardoner noted that until February “We improved the budget; our position was successful and we expected a beautiful end to the year.” Then the competition was interrupted and “our income was drastically reduced”.Cardoner reiterated the club’s intention look for a long-term sponsor for the stadium: “The first year would be for the victims of the coronavirus and the next 25 for commercial purposes Why not?”.Regarding the agreement with the template for cutting wages, he said: “The players have been very positive. They understood the situation from the beginning. They are ready to make this effort because they know that this situation is not a joke“On the possibility of LaLiga returning in June, Cardoner is cautious: “Every day we have new data. We want to be sure, take care of our players and their health. This is priority number one, but also number two and number three. We will not take risks. We want the competition to return in the safest way. If not, we will not be ready to continue. We are talking about people, their lives and their families. “last_img read more