A port town like a wine mecca?

first_imgTherefore that this city and its surroundings, due to the sparing of the tourist machinery, have preserved their authenticity, which today in some places is trying to preserve or return with difficulty at least in the contours. So there are a lot of wine reasons to come. And those who are attached to natural beauties. But let’s not forget the most important ones – human – which will make this event special. Because it always starts and ends with people and for people.  Employees of the Ploče Tourist Board thought about this in this way when, in cooperation with a Pločanin with an Osijek address, the famous wine writer Željko Garmaz, they decided to show everyone that they have something to be proud of on the Croatian wine list and to include their city in the directory of unavoidable wine events. they cannot and must not be bypassed. And so it arises Plates Summer Wine Festival. The idea itself caused astonishment and questioning – why a wine festival? why June? why Ploče? Our answers are: simple and full Therefore: In Ploče you can wait for the ferry to Pelješac, the train to Herzegovina, the bus to Vrgorac, and you can’t get to nearby Komarna without meeting Ploče. So, maybe in Ploče there are no grand cru vineyards worth daily mention in the media, but Ploče – the people of Ploče themselves know this best, not only the Port and the dormant buildings have sprung up in the last 70 years. Therefore that Ploče no longer wants to be perceived only as a Port City or a Ferry Port – is determined to tell its authentic and sustainable tourist stories.  Here, the goldsmith has reached the status of the best Dalmatian white variety, as a fascinating thorn bush blows around her neck, an autochthonous wine child that thrives only in the triangle that borders Imotski, Vrgorac and Ljubuški. Chardonnay from the mouth of the Neretva into the sea, from a vineyard built on the ground of the dried-up lake Modrič, has been one of the best shoots of this variety in Croatia among wine connoisseurs for years. And Komarna, until recently a karst, overnight became one of the most prestigious vineyards in which Plavac mali, tribidrag and – pošip have fantastically settled. And cheese! There is no need to waste words on the range of Plavac mali in the top Pelješac positions. The Ploče Summer Wine Festival is one of them. There are more. Such as, for example, Ploče fishing, which should be experienced both as a visitor and as a chef and as an organizer of events. ummer Wine Festival is also special in that it combines oenology & film music. The musical backdrop of the Ploce wine festival will be created by great artists from the Zagreb band FilmMusicOrkestar. PZ “Kuna 1898” Therefore which is Ploče in itself an ideal traffic-geographical-natural intersection of different directions of the Neretva region, southern Dalmatian islands, Dalmatian hinterland and Herzegovina.  The plates are from Umčani and Vina and Kobiljača and Imotski and Komarna and Pelješac. Or, as some would say, stick a compass in Ploče and pull a circle 20 kilometers away, you have a place that boasts really respectable wines. In this context, it is safe to say that Ploče is trembling from the tectonic disturbances caused by local winemakers, making the area currently, perhaps, the most vibrant wine region in Croatia. If you’re not familiar with this fact, it’s time to change that. Therefore what this beautiful area has to say when it comes to winemaking. The best proof of this are the 40 winemakers who will present themselves at this festival.  Photo: Tourist Board of the City of Ploče Find out more about the Summer Wine Festival HERE Unlike large folk festivals, which are regularly held in Ploče on the waterfront next to the Church of the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the wine festival will have its household on the terrace of the House of Culture and will, on a symbolic level, show that wine from that area is sublime and , perhaps, the best invitation to come to Ploče and go down to the nearby wine cellars. Authors: Željko Garmaz, Marinela Dropulić Ružićlast_img