Dart from Valverde to Abidal for Aleñá: “I didn’t expect it to be so soon”

first_imgThe famous ‘overbooking’ of summer in the center of the Barcelona field has ended up being a poisoned apple That blows the knives. Let’s review. Ernesto Valverde did not take advantage of the question that was asked for Carles Aleñá to wish him luck in Betis (he made no mention), but to leverage the club hard to settle your loan as soon as possible when there are very important issues in the air still pending as possible Vidal’s march or Arthur’s injury. “I thought that if it happened (Aleñá’s departure) it wasn’t going to be so soon, but he had a chance to leave because his contract said so. He had a clause he could leave. Now we have one less, but I don’t think in no way out anymore. I don’t have to think about it. “ In the same message in which the discrepancy was due to Aleñá’s express departure, was the warning about Vidal. And something else. The Arthur case. No one knows how long the Brazilian can be out because of his problems in the pubis and Valverde, with discretion as usual, he also saw it: “Not being there is a setback. I will not deny it. Let’s see if he recovers. I would not like it to be like the previous year, that it was hanging out. We need it one hundred percent. “As Valverde did not say it verbatim, translating and interpreting it is not that difficult. Deep down, What I wanted to explain is that you can’t give in to Aleñá and think about giving Vidal a ticket (although that goes more for the directive), without the assurance that Arthur can play in a minimally optimal condition in the key months of the championship. Arthur disappeared in the final stretch last season and, although he promised to amend himself, his physical problems are beginning to mean a structural problem for Barça.last_img