Zidane, about Bale: “They want us to have a problem with him, but we don’t have it …”

first_imgHow have you seen Bale? “He is an important player, he has shown it, he has not played the last three games and has made 70 very good minutes defensively. Then, the problem is that they want us to have a problem with Gareth, but there is not. There are many players, It’s not easy to manage all that. He’s a very important player, he’s always shown it and he’ll keep playing, like everyone else.He gave Jovic a few minutes and took advantage of them … “I’m glad for him, I needed him, he is a pure striker to whom you can tell him many things, that he is fine, that he plays well, but if he does not score a goal he is not happy. He has to improve, but I am glad for his goal, he it will come in handy. “Afterwards, the French appeared before the media.Analysis: “Today we had to add after the defeat against Real. In a very complicated field, where it is not easy to win, we did it. We started with difficulties, with a goal with a stopped ball, but after five minutes we tied and from that goal we started to play better. It’s a very hard game of the whole team and we deserved this victory. “Isco: “I don’t know if he has been his best version because he is a very good player, but it is true that having him between the lines is important for our possession. He has made a great game, like the others, and I am glad, also for his goal.”Enter the game late: “We went out with intensity, but they also came out very strong as always, it was known. They got the ball stopped, which is something that can happen. We have continued with what we know how to do, we have believed playing. After our goal it was a match different. I am happy for all the players because what we are doing is not easy. I repeat that we have not won anything, they are three points, they are not more than three points, but they are very important. “Hazard, again off the list: “It’s one thing we do together. It wasn’t the time today again and we’ll see this week. It’s going to need this week, it’s going to be long. We’re going to see it next week, I hope.”Isco Recovery: “You have asked me many times about Isco. Nothing has changed: he is an important player of this squad, when he plays he gives everything on the field, he is a good footballer, I like him a lot, technically it is important for us. Today he made a great game , like the others. I am especially happy for his goal because he has to put in more. “Bale, holder: “He has done well. I am happy for his game, offensively and defensively he has given everything. He was a bit short of physique at the end, so he has left the field. We know the player he is and that he will give us a lot now until the end of the season. We’re going to have Gareth. “ Zinedine Zidane analyzed in the flash interview the triumph of Real Madrid against Osasuna in El Sadar. The Madrid coach praised the performance of his team.Satisfied: “I am very happy. We are all very happy because in a small and complicated field, against a complicated opponent, and we knew what we were going to find today. We have controlled their virtues very well. It took us a bit to enter the game, they have scored a goal for us, but we immediately scored and that has given us confidence. From there we have started to play better and in the second part, much better. It is deserved and not easy. In these fields it is very difficult to play ” .1-0 reaction: “They put you in a stationary ball and it can happen. The only thing is that we have had peace of mind. It has been important to score in five minutes, get into the game quickly. From there we have left a little more with the ball, we have had more possession, we have even had occasions … At the time of work, we have defensively worked very hard, very concentrated … They have mostly two or three things in their field that do very well and we have managed to control them. always, playing and we got four, that here is not easy. After a defeat everyone thinks that it is easy, but no. I am glad for all the players, for what they do. It is very good to keep going “How did you see the match? “Very complicated game, in a difficult field to play, before an opponent that made it difficult. We got it defending very well, we control very well their weapons, the second ball, the centers … As always, we are in a good moment and if the players have chances to score. Three points in a difficult field scoring four goals. “What happened to the team at the start? “It was known that they would come out strong, if they get you a goal with a stopped ball … but that’s it. They entered very hard, there were moments of difficulty to get the ball, but we were better at the end of the first half and much better in the second.”Those two goals in just five minutes, were they the key? “It is very important to return to the game like this and it has given us that confidence and then play.”Triumph of those worth a League? “It does not change anything, we are very happy because it is not easy. We will continue working, we have not won anything. Congratulate the players because it is not easy.”last_img